Writing a successful future

Jan Bayliss editing Painted Words submissions.

Our Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing student Janet Bayliss has big plans for her future, from securing freelance writing and editing work, right through to establishing herself as published writer/poet and gaining accreditation as an editor.

The opportunity to submit a short story for Painted Words 2016, an original anthology of writing produced by Bendigo TAFE students, was definitely a way for her to get closer to her dream future.

“The goal of any writer is to be published. Having the opportunity as a student to see your work published is a validation of both the talent and the hard work that goes into it. Through this process students learn to accept critiques and edits of their work – something writers and journalists encounter every day in the course of their employment,” she said.

This is not the first time for the high-achiever to have her work published.

“This year I achieved one of my 2016 goals; to have my haiku published in at least three poetry journals, enter one major competition or award, and to submit one short story for publication. So far I’ve had haiku published in three Australian haiku journals and one international journal. I also entered the Val Vallis Poetry Award run as part of the Queensland Poetry Festival,” she said.

“Writing is hard work. So, it’s gratifying when that work pays off. The first time I was published I enjoyed the euphoria of the moment, the sense of achievement. I think it’s important to celebrate small achievements because afterwards you have to knuckle down and work hard towards the next goal.”

Apart from writing, Janet also specialises in visual arts and has a Bachelor of Visual Arts under her belt. Her background in the arts is as much an influence on her writing as her own life experiences are.

“Inspiration comes from life – lived and observed – it’s as simple and as complex as that. I bring inspiration as a visual artist into my writing – weaving vivid images into my work, often including a political and environmental comment,” she said.

A creative future awaits Janet and she has one message for other Bendigo writer hopefuls – check out Bendigo TAFE’s professional writing and editing course!

“I would absolutely recommend this course because of the high quality of teaching and the opportunities to articulate into the second year of undergraduate writing, teaching and humanities courses offered by Deakin University, Victoria University and La Trobe University,” she said.

“Bendigo is part of Central Victoria’s vibrant and diverse arts culture and Bendigo TAFE’s writing program is fundamental to the continued development of the arts in Bendigo. Each year our cultural profile expands and this is largely due to the hard work and dedication of interested parties and individuals. Bendigo TAFE continues to support this vibrant arts culture through its courses.”

Painted Words 2016 will contain original poetry, short stories, flash fiction, extracts from student novels, re-imaged myths and non-fiction.

L to R Jack Walsh, Shannon Carter and Lewis Adams concentrate on editing Painted Words Submissions while Emma Burgess-Gilchrist confer in the background.
L to R Jack Walsh, Shannon Carter and Lewis Adams concentrate on editing Painted Words Submissions while Emma Burgess-Gilchrist confer in the background.

According to teacher Peter Wiseman, the annual production of Painted Words is a major task for the budding writers and a tradition that began in 2005.

“Publishing Painted Words gives them substantive hands-on experience and accurately replicates the time and budget constraints placed on publishers and self-published writers,” he said.

“As well as experiencing real-world publishing protocols, stresses and timelines, students also see themselves and their fellow students published – a goal shared by most writers.”

Painted Words 2016 will be released on 17 November.