Bendigo TAFE apprentice paints a brighter future

Congratulations to Bendigo TAFE’s painting and decorating apprentice Madeleine Hatchard.


Student_Madeleine Hatchard
Congratulations to Bendigo TAFE’s painting and decorating apprentice Madeleine Hatchard who has achieved the Frank Jacobs 4th Year Apprentice of the Year – Runner Up award at Master Painters Australia’s 2016 Awards for Excellence.

Presented on 28 May, the award recognises top apprentices across Victoria and Tasmania. Madeleine, who is currently in her final year of apprenticeship training at Bendigo TAFE, shared her excitement at the industry-wide recognition.

“I feel extremely proud of this achievement. There were a lot of people in the running to receive this award and to receive runner up is an amazing feeling,”

said Madeleine, who was also awarded Bendigo TAFE’s 2015 Apprentice of the Year earlier this year.

“I really love painting and decorating as I love seeing the finished result. A coat of paint can make a huge difference and seeing the final result gives me a lot of pride in my work.”

Madeleine’s creative journey at Bendigo TAFE began with a painting and decorating pre-apprenticeship before progressing into a full apprenticeship.

“Bendigo TAFE has such a welcoming environment. My teachers all have extensive knowledge and always ensured everyone had help and understood the tasks assigned to them. The facilities and access to materials are also outstanding,” she said.

Madeleine’s teachers have nothing but praise for her. According to painting and decorating teacher Shane Kennedy who nominated Madeleine for the award, the young apprentice had an unrivalled dedication and eye for detail.

“Madeleine performs all tasks with passion and to a high standard. One of her finest qualities is her ability to work with others and lead the way, which is why she achieved Bendigo TAFE’s best apprentice award for consecutive years,” said Shane.

“The Master Painters Association of Victoria and Tasmania is the peak industry body for painting and decorating, and the awards recognise outstanding individuals and work within the industry. The opportunity for Madeleine to attend this prestigious event was a great eye opening and networking experience for her.”